i'm getting a xbox 360 and as i want to play on xbox live, i'm getting a modem. i already have a modem for my pc, but i'm going to buy a new one for the 360 as i'm not interested in wireless networking, and it's not possible for me to connect them together using wires. is it possible to run two seperate modems from one adsl line at the same time? also could i just plug the new modem into my xbox and then into the adsl line without first setting up the modem on a pc? thanks
dude, just buy a router or Hub. then plug that into the modem (assuming you're not using a cheapass USB one), then the PC and Xbox into the router/hub

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I guess I should say wireless was easier for me because I have my PC(wired), then my Wii, DS, PSP, and laptop all wireless. It was simple with just one SSID and Wep I had everything done up proper. I guess what I'm saying is the more things you need to connect the better wireless is and it's simple to set up.