Im fairly new to guitar and very ... technologically challenged. i came to this board to get some ideas for a good quality wah wah pedal. i play classic rock and blues with my highway one strat. i was hoping that i could possibly get some opinions from more experienced players to help me make a educated decision. i really just want something basic and versatile that gives a good tone. sorry for the ignorance and thanks for any help.
Vox V847 is what you want. If you can spend more get the V848. They are great for more vintage stuff like rock and blues.
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all hail the v848!
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Yeah, Vox V847 or V848.

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Stay away from crybaby, they are not very good compared to other pedals, such as the vox. If you don't have much to spend go with the Vox V847 or V848. If you have a good bit of money to spend, look at Teese wah pedals and Fulltone wah pedals. They are top notch.
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