Hi, maybe some of you saw my other threads about building a guitar. Well i'd really like to put a floyd rose on it, but i wonder, is it possible to switch tunings easily? Because i go from standard to drop C to D standard and all.

thats the only thing that stops me from getting a floyd

also is it possible to get a OFR or a good LFR for less then 100$?
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you can get a LFR from www.guitarfetish.com for $40, but not sure of the quality.

and switching tunings isn't a good idea, string tension, the bridge, intonation, all go out the window.
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i wonder how most of metal guitarists make to play with a floyd since they're always tuned down
they have a diffrent guitar for each each tuning... and they have guitar techs that set-up the guitars so they wrok properly. you can set it up yourself, easily. but you cant change tunings.
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crap, well i guess ill just get a good hardtail, maybe my next will be a floyd


i have another question, not floyd related but whatever i dont wanna spawn the forums

Is it possible to put binding around a RR style V, or would it like break at the sharp edges (i'll use plastic binding btw)
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You would probably have to miter the ends since its a pointy. Otherwise it would probably break on the corners.