im looking for a new amp. i play classic rock mainly with a little bit of metal thrpown in. i have no idea about a decent amp but it should be a valve one. any help would be appreciated.
my budget shouldnt gp too far over 1000
You might want to let people know it's Aussie dollars as most people would have no idea where Margeret River is.

I take it the Vox didn't work out? Personally I'd get a 2nd hand Marshall combo off ebay, you can get it couriered and you can find them cheap, I saw a mint DSL401 go for $560 just last week, a JCM900 combo a week before for $700 which would leave you enough for a courier.

EDIT: as for courier, if the seller is happy to take it to the bus depot you can save a lot that way too
yer i am from aussie by the way haha yer thanks. umm i cant really buy off the net becuase my parents really dnt trust it. i might be able to order in from the local music shop though. the guy that was selling the vox changed his mind last minute.******!
Ok so if it has to be new and allowing for the crazy prices you probably have to pay in Margeret River your options will be limited. There aren't many good tube amps in Oz for under $1,000 nevermind allowing for location. I think maybe a Vox AD50VT, should be easy to get. I remember when I was looking for prices on the AD50VT there was a place in Perth that quoted a good price but that was ages ago. It will come in well under $1,000 but IMO there aren't any new tube amps worth buying under $1,000 here. The Epi Valve Jnr is ok but we don't get the killer prices on them like the Americans do so they aren't such a great purchase here, on the other hand though if you're after a tube amp and it's just for bedroom use then it could be an option until you can get more cash for a better amp later.
amp will only be for practise and band. any suggestions? it can probably go over 1000