Hey guys, today, I got for sale a Roland Cube 30, absolute mint condition, as well as a Vox v847 Wah Wah, mint aswell. I have the original boxes for both. I live in Canada, so I would prefer a buyer from here, but if not, beware, you pay all shipping / duty / taxes and whatever else. Canadian buyers will pay actual shipping cost aswell.

Heres a picture that includes both the amp and pedal:

I'm aware its an old picture, took it after I had just gotten it for Christmas. But anyway, I've upgraded to a better amp and MultiFX unit, so they've got to go.

And don't worry, I said the amp is in mint condition, it is. Thats just dust, I'll clean it up before I send it.

I am asking $275 CDN for the amp and $125 CDN for the Wah.

Open to serious offers, dont come in and give me an offer of $100 for the amp or whatever.

Alright then, have a good day.
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Thats why I suggested Canadian buyers only. If you're Canadian and you order from either of those, you're gonna be paying a lot more with duties, taxes, exchange etc. Its not worth it to export it. The amp came to around $375 CDN when I first bought it, and most canadian shops I know of don't have a much lower price than that right now.
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Sorry, only interested in money. I can do Paypal aswell if anyone wanted to know. Open to offers.