i was wondering if anyone had a good tip about how to play some of the riffs thomas erak plays, the extremley fast pull offs he does, there isnt a really good lesson on this site..

heres a good example
any help would be appreciated
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Use your picking palm to cover the strings your not needed to play in order to reduce unwanted noise.
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
play it really slow and speed up over time
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what's the rhythm on that one, shouldn't be toooo difficult if you work from a slow pace.
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Practice, practice, practice. AO,SO isn't really hard, you just need to slow it down a bit and gradually speed up. When you start to get sloppy slow it back down to where you get it clean again and speed back up.