I have a coule of video's (of me playing original stuff) and i want to link them in movie maker.
The thing is, the file tybe is ".mov" and WMM apparently doesn't accept it.
How can i change the fil type, or is there some other way to get it in there?
Thanks, and please help me out here.
Ah, yes there is a way to convert the file; Go to the link below and get the program, Super Fever Link, it's a very good, FREE, conversion program, and don't worry, it's not a virus; I've used this a couple times to convert .FLV files to .MP3 files and it's been great, I've converted .AVI files to .MP4 files and it works great; Anyway this should help you with your problem; Now depending on how big the file is it can take a while, but you've got to be patient, it will tell you when it's done; Oh yeah, and ~Led~Zepp~Owns~, BreakingTheGirl said he/she was in the wrong forum but needed help, so there's really no need to state the fricking obvious;


Michael ^_^