story script romance

we’ll sing a song tonight,
with undead mistakes,
we try to perfect the impossible,
the sound barrier breaks.

Tonight let’s forget about all other things,
Just you and me,
Just our hopeful dreams,
We speak tonight for each other,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Do the stars seems brighter tonight,
Or is it just your crystal blue eyes,
Reflecting this artistic attraction,

We are hopeless romantics with a mutual addiction,
I don’t believe this can ever end,
This story script romance,
No, it’ll never end,

Fall asleep now,
Close your eyes sweet girl,
And you can be sure,
For as long as we’re together,
Ill be alongside you when you wake

Take the plunge (together)

Swept off your feet,
You need to keep away from this,
Ignorance is bliss baby,
Come on don’t be scared,
We’ll take the plunge, together,
Yeah, we’ll take the plunge together,

One slip when your speaking
(When) It’s taken the wrong way,
Your fear is creeping,
Girl, I might leave you,
Or I may just take your breath away.

Where you want to go I’ll follow you along,
That’s why I wrote and im singing this song,
It’s for you….
Will all this work out?
Maybe no, maybe yes,
Just too let you know,
You look beautiful in that dress,
(Yeah you do)
ohhh, yes you do

2 songs i wrote the other day
and dont call me emo
Drum tuning

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i don't think there is a certain way to tune them, i think it's just with whatever sounds good. this is just what i've heard though, i could be wrong though.