I've heard this song, I like it, and I need to know the name of it. I know the chorus has hell in it(atleast I think it's the chorus), so could you guys name all the rock songs you know that have hell in it? Thanks.

(BTW It's not Highway to Hell or Hells Bells I'm not an idiot.)
walk with me in hell (lamb of god, yeah i know its metal...)
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Heaven And Hell, The Struggle Within, Cowboys From Hell, Walk With Me In Hell, Go to hell



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one way ticket to hell and back, by the darkness
I have no clue, I wish I did. I thought it was Hey You because it transferred so fast. I don't know why but the word 'school' is coming to mind.
Found it, me and my cousin were just on the phone and he just randomly starts singing the song and I'm like WHAT THE HELL WHAT IS THAT SONG CALLED!!! And it's the Foo Fighters, No way back from HERE. Whatever it sounds alot like hell. Thanks for all your help.