hey im about to get an airsoft rifle / gun and i was wondering which would be the best in your opinion and can you like give me the link to the place where you saw it???

thanks a lot
Well I used to play a lot of Airsoft, but don't know anything of it recently. Back when I played it I tried out a lot of guns, and my favourite was the AK-47. It's got a longer barrel and a large battery, which helps with life and accuracy etc. Plus the hop-up system was great on it.

Ones I would avoid would be any M4/M16 gun, I've never used one of them which I liked, and the FA-MAS. The MP5s and all their variants are very good, especially if you get them reinforced.

I'd advise you get your gun upgraded to 350fps, they are so much more affective when upgraded. But most of all, just learn to enjoy it I used to love it so much, kinda miss it!
if your wanting one around $50 or so, your best bet would be to get a shotgun or rifle that shoots at least 325 fps. dont get an ak-47 unless you get a really expensive one, cause the less expensive ones dont shoot that fast, even though they sound cool.
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It depends on your style. I've got a classic army M16 rifle (upgraded to a semi-sniper) and a beretta m92 (unknown brand). I can tell you they both work good.

Also, stay away from crappy brands like double eagle. If something's too good to true, it probably is.
True, if you are going to get one get Tokyo Mauri. Simple as! Classic Army is the only other make I'd consider buying.
just look around redwolf-airsoft.com for something you like. Anything Tokyo Marui is generally good, kind of the accepted standard.
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or if youve got a local army reserve store around those usually have some cool guns
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I recommend www.wgcshop.com
And remember, if you want a good gun, you have to spend atleast $200 or more
go to airsoftcore.com. i got banned from there a while back but theyre a smaller and more conserved version of us :lp
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