Since I started playing in August I've been using 9s exclusively but I've felt lately that I'd like to switch to 10s. Before I do do, though, I want to know exactly how I configure the action of the guitar. Trying not to be a noob I searched the columns and found some information on them but none of the bridge pieces were the same as the one I had.

My guitar:

The closest one I could find that was similar was this:

But mine doesn't have the two Allen bolt thingies on each saddle. I was thinking that I have to screw the two things at the top right and left. Is that right?
use an allen wrench, and adjust the 2 allen screws on the outer corners of the bridge, raising it up and down

you might also have to adjust the springs to compensate for the heavier strings

just tighten the screws that hold the trem claw further into the body,
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Thanks. I switched strings and tried messing with the action and spring adjustment but the top 3 strings are still buzzing a lot. Anything that'd fix that? Or should I just keep messing with it?