sweeeeeeet. I just ordered a Bill Lawrence L-500XL from ebayyy, to shove into my Epiphone SG-310. Its supposed to be like a hardcore inyourfaceripyourballsoff pickup for metal and suchh so that made me precum. It's a bridge pickup but F that mannn I'm sticking it in the neckk im getting a Dimizaro X2N to stick in the bridge
so yeah...Just wanted to tell the world that if they
hear on the news that the portal to hell has opened up....it
was me and my SG. oh and if anyone has any like.....past...occurences
with the Bill Lawrence i'd like to hear what you thought of it.
hardcore in your face pickup doesnt belong on a 310 sg man, its a pretty low range one.
Personally i dont like the look of the 310sg compared to the g400.
Hope it sounds killer tho
PLEASE dont put that in the neck. Ive tried. Bad things happen. Put it in the bridge.
ohh no doubt man g400 kicks ass, but the 310 was all i could afford, ive had it for like.....2 years it was my second guitar and I have many plans to do with this thing ahahah ( its gunna be the Frankenstrat of SG's aha) but yeah it should sound like i am summoning satan, hopefullly

Ouchhhhh does it reallyyy sound that badd in the neckk?? like how badd....?
Really not good IMO. Try it though. Just remember that the XL stands for xtra lead. Its a bridge pickup. the L500r and L500C are neck pickups. I would put the XL in the bridge and sell the X2N
****k...allright man. ahha phew. good thing I didnt order the X2N so, the l500xl
is better than the X2N eh? so what do you suggest for a neck pickup. I want something really hott, for like metal shit.
Im guessing that you chose the L500XL because you dig dimes tone. Ifso, he used a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck. Otherwise try a Bill Lawrence L500R
well I do love dimebags tone but mainly i was just looking for an option other than EMG's which i really cant afford, to make a smoking metal machine of a guitar
Truthfully, as far as output I would say the L500XL is the passive equivalent of an EMG 81. Plus IMHO they sound less sterile than an EMG.They just dont sound good in the neck like an 81 can. Call Becky from Billlawrence. Their number is at www.billlawrence.com. She can probably help you out a little better than a lot of people can. Shes been in that buisness for a while.
ahahaha awesome I can call this chick and ask her about pickups?? ahahaha sweeeet
and thank you dude for the help. saved me some money, not buying the X2N. i was thinking the X2N cause i read crazy reviews on it and how its like really highhh output and such
You may still want the X2n if you dont like the BL. and if you dont, PM me and Ill buy the BL off you.
Stock pickup. I dont use it that much, but Im planning on getting an L500R because Ive got a friend with a viper with one and its really good.
wickedd. hmmm...SG=Viper kinda the same body, but no doubt the woods are different. is it good for the stuff you play? im guessin some dream theater? cant go wrong there
Unless its really High gain stuff, I actually roll the volume back on my guitar a little. For AC/DC the volume knob is at about 3/4, so that gives you an idea of how much gain they have. It works great for everything I play except I use my strat for blues and rockabilly.
hmm its pretty good nice deep overdrive for clasic rock stuff, but i usually dont touch the gain knob, i just let my Pod do all the talkin
I hope so. hmm I think its time to try and attract as many people as i can to aide in my decision of a neck humbucker
what kind of stuff do you play with the neck pickup? like what parts of what songs?
I'd definitely recommend the L-500R for the neck, and good choice on the bridge pickup . It has excellent cleans but more than enough output for metal solos (what i use it for.)
awesomeee. hmmm seems like the L-500R it will be then. and boyyy if its nott awesomeee im gunna hunt you both downnn.
ESPjohn666: well i really dont play any particular song with the neck pickup, just looknig for a good one to go with the L-500XL