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Exploration #4
4 57%
3 43%
Voters: 7.
Exploration #4

When the semantics of the sea recognise our reflections,
crests carve white halogen signposts like streetlamps.
They guide us. And we sink, so obviously we sink--
into puddles of peril along the sidewalk to our right,
or oceans of obscurity along the shoreline to our left.

As much as we do each other.

Breathe (words) Relax (are) Sink (exchanged)
Breathe (between) Relax (us) Sink (both)

(Blink) Its true.

Until the only prevailing evidence is;
Four skeletal clenching hands,
Three certain little words
Two hearts hopelessly beating a penultimate note,
in a chorus of lungs,
water and defeat,
and one predicable outcome.

When all we really did was sit at the end of the pier,
letting our imaginations run riot to break the quiet of night.


Confetti covers every inch of ground
I watch in awe as it rains down

The reds say bled
The greens say misled
Written on the blue, is heartache
Written on the black, is mistake
The yellow says lies
The orange says despise

Everyday it keeps getting deeper
and I'll make sure it keeps raining
so all you'll see
is colorful confetti
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Last edited by The Hurt Within at Jan 22, 2007,
Red lacks sophistication and the rhymes are set in a pattern which hurts it in my opinion.

Blue gets mine.

This is not a pipe
Tied 3 to 3 with 12 hours to go. More votes please.

Edit: Ten minutes to go, good match, to bad it doesn't count for points
Last edited by stratkat at Jan 24, 2007,
^ oh but it does, any 1v1s and points scored carry over to the next season.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Last edited by The Hurt Within at Jan 25, 2007,