I can increase my budget up to $1000 if the difference in quality is really that substantial, but I would much rather spend the lowest possible. A cutaway would be nice, and electronics would be prefered but I above all I want good sound quality. What models do you guys recomend?
depends on what type of music you want to play i guess, but a gibson sg standard is 1200 a little over but i think its worth it. also the jacksons are reall nice, i dont remember the model but i played a couple at guitar center that were $800 and were reall nice, the necks play real fast. hoped that helped
oh crap didnt see tht this was the acoustic section ahha sorry. well ive played the Martin DCXE X, and there real nice its a single cutaway and it has electronics
Mmmmm.... Low end Martins are poopy.
Around that price look at Alvarez
Breedlove man. Try out all their cutaways, almost if not all are solid back and tops and have Superior sound to any other guitar. They project really loud and you won't find a bad model. These are the best guitars for your money man, if you go in looking for a Taylor or Marting and play a Breedlove, it'll change your mind.
Thanks for all the feedback. I plan on making a stop at guitar center some time this week and play a good number of guitars in my price range. I'll keep in mind takamine, alverez, and breedlove guitars. Looked up some takamines and it seems that this is their flagship guitar:

Very decent price and ebay has some brand new ones for $400. Anyone have any experience with it?
Does anyone know if those M6 Seagulls are good? It sounded good from my point of view, and when someone else played it. But I don't really no @#$@ about guitars.
For that money you can get something of Studio Quality like a Cole Clark Fat-Lady 1AC.

Cole Clark Acoustics
Cole Clark FL1AC Acoustic

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I daresay he won't be able to get one very easily unless he is in Australia tho.
Great guitars if you can get one.
If you can't get one then something from Alvarez would be your best bet IMO. Possibly the MD90??? dunno how much they cost wherever you live in the world. But great guitar none the less
Well, went to guitar center today and messed around with some of their guitars. The takamine I listed above is very nice, has extremely low action, looks beautiful, has a nice sound, but is a little quiet. I tried out a few lovebreed, and while they are nice, they tend to miss the higher notes in a strum and focus more on the bass. I actually liked a few of the low end $700 martins that I tried. The looked and felt like crap since they weren't gloss, but the sounded much nicer than the takamine I talked about above.

When I was continuing to mess around, I saw a nice takamine 12 string there. I played it and have to say that it sounded amazing. I'm really thinking about getting it. It has a steep price of $1000, but I can get it for $800 on ebay here:

Not really sure what I want though.
i say no to takamine. seagull and alvarez both make great guitars. if you're going to stick below $500, check seagull. up to 800, i'd look at the alvarez masterworks or their yairi stuff. my only experience with a higher end acoustic was a seagull, and very little distinguishes their $1000 guitars from their $400 ones.
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Breedlove man. Try out all their cutaways, almost if not all are solid back and tops and have Superior sound to any other guitar. They project really loud and you won't find a bad model. These are the best guitars for your money man, if you go in looking for a Taylor or Marting and play a Breedlove, it'll change your mind.

I received a Breedlove AC25SR as a birthday/Christmas present and have been completely satisfied with the look/feel/sound of it 100%. Would definitely recommend it. It's a bit more than your price range, but if you're willing to spend the bit of extra cash, I think you won't regret it at all. I'll see if I can get around to posting pictures and some audio clips in the near future.
Heres a different guitar for ya!!

I, like you was limited to $1,000 Tops. But I wanted it all of course. Quality solid wood back and sides was a must. On-top of that I wanted a cutaway with a quality preamp. For a 1,000 bucks new, thats hard to find. Almost impossible.
During my search I found out about an up an comming guitar maker "Tanglewood". They supply a full range from low budget to top of the range models. All very cheap in comparison to the better known guitars.
Anyway, I ended up going for their top model which I got for 1,200. A bit more that I intended on spending, but well worth it as I got everything I wanted for 1200. A cutaway with solid Rosewood back and sides, Solid Engelman Spruce Top with a Fishman prefix plus preamp!! There range of guitars for 600- 800 all have solid woods also.
Check em out at:
Good luck
nice finds. Thanks for all the help. I ended up getting a takamine EF381C 12 string. I went back and played it again and am sure that it was the guitar for me. It was weird, I just new it was right. I absolutely love it. I found it gently used for $690 with case. Not too bad given my local guitar center sells it for about $1100. And the one I bought is black with torquoise inlays. Thanks for all of the help.
There are a lot of really nice guitars with solid back sides and top for $800 to $1,000. If you can go that high I would. Otherwise you are just going to spend the next 10 years wishing you had.

There isn't a lot you can get on a $500 guitar that you can't get on a $350 guitar.

Look at brands like Takamine, yamaha, washburn, Alvarez, Tacoma, and seagull in this price range. You want to be sure the guitar has a solid top. Stay away from taylor, Ibanez, and Martin.

If you go for a guitar that is $800 or more then Look at brands like Alvarez, breadlove, laravee, Taylor, Martin, Cole Clark, and tacoma. In this price range make sure the top and back are solid. Don't worry so much about the sides because laminated sides are not always a bad thing. Stay away from the Martin X searies. They are crap, but all the other martins are good to look at.

It's usually best to get an aftermarket pickup but you can get really really really good aftermarket pickups for less than $100. Stock pickups are often installed wrong and don't give you a full frequency responce.
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