Hi guys,
Can you explain to me how the CAGED system works??? I know all the shapes, have them in a book, but they are in the key of C. how would I change the key and still use the same shapes? For instance in the Key of A, would one of the fingerings be:

high E 9th fret(third finger)
B 10th fret(pinky finger)
G 7th fret(second finger)
D 5th fret(first finger)
A x
E x

???? Is this right? If it is, its very akward and doesn't seem useful to me...
The caged system uses the five open chord shapes which are C, A, G, E, and D. They are linked together by octave points (roots or tonics). These are the major chords shapes and basic at that. One good way to learn it is by starting with the open chords. The shapes are always in sequences.

Let's start with C in the open position. We know this is the C major chord. Follow it with the other chord shapes (A, G, E, and D) linked by their octave points and you got 5 C major chords.

What happens if you start with open A major chord? Follow it up with G, E, D, and C shapes again linked by their octave points and you have 5 A major chords.

Open G major chord followed by E, D, C, and A shapes will give you 5 G major chords.

Same with open E major (followed by D, C, A, and G) and open D major ( followed by C, A, G, and E)

Soon you should be able to find the chords all over the fretboard. What else is there? For each of the chord shapes find the triads, inversions, scales, modes, and pentatonics.
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