I picked up a M-Audio MobilePre USB interface today from Guitar Center. I was wondering if I could use my mixer with this unit so I could get more inputs for recording drums.
What kind of mixer is it? That MobilePre is for what it is.... mobile recording! It's possible to get a good drum recording if you know how to mic the kit right. Just use the 2 mic inputs.
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I haven't actually got a mixer yet but, I am in the process of looking for one. What would be a good mixer to get?
Check into Mackie. Great, quiet mixers. They've got a line called Micro mixers, that aren't really all that micro and have plenty of features and the price is nice. I'm not sure what they left off of the unit to get the price down, but I love it - my best investment yet.
The Mobilepre does not have to "portable". Meaning, it's not like it won't work in your house.

Just keep in mind, that the Mobilepre, is a preamp. It's the same thing as the "trim" knob at the top of your mixer. If the mixer has enough inputs with this "trim" knob, the Mobilepre won't do you much good.