Each section was a separate, I dunno, 1 minute long song, so I decided to fuse them all together after heavy editing. (I wiped out 2/3 of the originals)

Yes, it's a bit emo, but I do like how this song's turned out. Will crit your songs if you do mine. (Which is saying quite a bit.)


Part One- Psalms

Verse One:
I am not afraid to live my life
I am not afraid to do what I believe
But of what I do believe
There is no relief

Keep my mouth shut
Life’s stuck in a rut
Sharp hands made of metal
Life’s a never-ending battle

Verse Two:
I’m not who I seem to be
One everlasting need
That no one can ever satisfy
The eternity why


Verse Three:
Lost in a world of rage and love
Confused with no help or shove
I said I wasn’t afraid to live my life
But I lied, and it’s really strife

Part Two- The World Around Me

Verse One:
The world is spinning again
Someone posing as a friend
Idiots all around
Acting as my anchors
Pulling me down
I no longer care
About the world’s welfare
When my world is so dizzy
Sitting and crying pathetically
What is who
Far from you

Part Three- Revelations

Verse One:
My worthless life astray
Who is this anyway?
I saw her face and I knew her name
My heart is beating, and it’s like a pain

I’ve known who she never was
A thinking pattern of fuzz
She’s the one called Revelations
Unpredictable fluctuation

Verse Two:
My life is held in her hands
Power to kill without a word
She doesn’t know but she can
‘Cause I’m already broken and blistered


Part Four- Finding Her

Verse One:
Bustling streets
Found her but I’m too scared to talk
See people I can’t ever meet
A hero, an idol, and an idiot

My God in Heaven above
Why have you forsaken me?
When I realized
I was the forsaking.

Part Five- Bomb Throwing

Verse One:
Couldn’t fight
To make it right
Gone without a memory
My own abnormalities

Throwing the bombs
Destroy the songs
War machine

Saying what I never mean

Part Six- Detonation

Verse One:
The word’s detonated
My heart’s all but terminated
I see them all marching down my street
Guns and ammo and a desperate heartbeat

I’m all moving out of time
Their world has been ripped apart
As though marching was a crime
My own private head start

Verse Two:
I think I’m going mad
My stone cold comrades


Part Seven- Mental Rehab

Verse One:
Mental rehab
I’m dangerous in the mind
More like a jab
Clock that I unwind

I remember
The one ember
To the flames
Because the city’s burning
It’s not a dream

Psalms and Revelations
Bible of idiots
Hopeless, pointless

Verse Two:
I look out again
And see my friends
Then again
My distorted friends


Verse Three:
She’s still there
But she’s never here
I’m stuck in nowhere
But who said life was fair?


Part Eight- Broken

Verse One:
Broken and crushed
I don’t realize what I’ve done

Supposed example
Hits the streets and runs