Well, I got an Ibanez GSR 200 and a backline 110. I just gotta know if this stuff is decent.
the amp rocks. GK is awesome. not a fan of ibanez basses tho. its good tho
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the amp is good, i have a GK 1/2 stack and i would never let it go, imo GK makes some of the best amps out their 2day, but im not to into your bass. If you want a good ibanez get into the EDB series, the are really good basses and they arent incredibly expensive. check out the EDB400 or the new EDB700
The Backline is a good starter amp. Its all good for a beginner.
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Well stuff doesn't matter. I mean you can have a $2000 american J bass(all anti fender aside they're nice basses K?) when you start and some guy could have the shittiest no name bass you can imagine. If you just started and he's been playing for 30 years I can guarantee he will sound better than you. Sound doesn't really matter, when you're playing and you feel the need to get better equipment do it. Right now whatever.

That being said GSR 200 and backline 110 are very good starter equipment.
jazz_rock_feel's right. just learn how to play first, worry about all that sh1te later on
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