Does anybody know anything about seymour duncan humbucker .. i think its a hot rod.. its on consignment down at the local music shop.. and i heard its a really hot pick up.. lots of feedback?... bright noisy tone? and i would be putting it in a Epi les paul Junior...i play mostly punk...ska...not so much metal but on occation i like to pretend i can play pantera.. regardless its for sale for 63 bucks .. good price? i just thought i would dip into the cauldron of guitar knowledge on UG .. so please let me know thanks.... on a very find on musicans friend ive learned its a seymour duncan SH-8 invader pickup .. not a hot rodded ..
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I think the Neck and Bridge set goes for like $120. for some reason google is not working on my computer right now so I can give a definate answer.
Erm...The Invader doesn't provide a lot of clarity. Note definition is kind poor. Basically, it's pretty muddy.
There's better alternatives for punk from Seymour Duncan.

A Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom gets aggressive crunch that's perfect for punk rock rhythms. Another good alternative would be the SH-6 Duncan Distortion, if you wanna play hardcore. Much more aggressive.
Slash uses Alnico V Seymour Duncans i believe...
maybe some other Alnico but yea
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