Cold Cup of Coffee. Comments and all much appreciated.

They got the same thing I did
But they picked it up without hesitation
Whereas I didn't
Not knowing what would come of it

It’s been like this for a couple of years
A couple of times, I shed some inner tears
Maybe soon, life will run with me
And not against, one day, we’ll see
Not holding me back, but pushing me on
It’s true, each day has a new dawn

We had a special connection
I guess I only knew about this inner affection
And if only I could have shed her some light
Oh, I know she would’ve been mine

But she went off with some smokey joe
And who’d she’d be happy with, I’ll only know
But now this reminiscence is useless
It only fuels my muse

It’s like a cold cup of coffee
I waited too long
Now all I can do is think about it
While I play this song
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