Just got bored and decided to write.

Verse 1
I found this book of rhymes when i was searching for peace of mind
and never have I, the angel of time, longed as i have for the end.
You always found your way around my head picking through the garbage
and never once I, your servant of crime, have ever stepped in your way.

They've finnaly managed to kill me by destroying your mind.
They've took away the only reason to endure this life.

If i could rewrite this lie, we'd already be gone, away from the sin and strife, of the mess that your knife made.
If only they see through this mirror of pain, they'd realize they begun the whole thing in the first place.

Verse 2
I burned the book of life on the site of your grave
and never had I, the demon's very own eyes, felt this kind of pain.
You always found the words that i can never say,
and never had I, the very tear in your eye, felt that way.



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