i know its a jcm just not sure what one. its not a jcm 800. im leaning mostly towards a jcm 2000 dsl but it maybe a jcm 900. anyone know? if it helps this is coheed and cambria from back in the second stage turbine days.
It dont appear to be a DSL because it dont look like it has enough pots on it. I would probably lean towards a JCM 900. But with sh*t picture quality I cant help anymore then that.
well both the jcm 900 and dsl have 10 knobs and a jcm 2000 dsl's input jack is farther right than a jcm 900 so i still say dsl. sorry for the crappy pic i know its a shot in the dark but ive been wondering what coheed used back in the day.
maybe a JCM 800 2205?
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nope can't be a jcm 800 2205 its not a lead, thanks though. just captured this pic from a video might help a little more.

heres one of the back. i can make out what appears to be an effects loop but thats about it.