I've been looking at basses.. i curently own an Ibanez Rd-300 that i am completely satisfied with.. and its my sentimental attached bass.. would never sell it.. but just curiously... is the P bass really that much different than the J bass.. i mean .. the body is different... but sound? .. they cant sound that much different.. just curious.. i'm partial to the J bass curves.. i like my basses curvy .. like my women
i think the Jazz bass looks stupid and i like the tone of the Precision better

but thats just me
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The P-Bass has a more thumpy/boomy sound, and it has less tone variety. The neck to most is uncomfortable and bulky. The Jazz Bass on the other hand has a large variety of tones and the neck is thin which makes playing easier.

Personally, I'd get the Deluxe P-Bass which is the mix of the two. So you can get that thumpy sound of the P-Bass and the thin/bright sound of the Jazz Bass.
I don't know. I love em both. If I had an Ampeg SVT with my P-Bass I would probably jizz my pants.

Try em both out and decide for yourself.
the jazz bass is sexier, has a thinner easier to play neck and more tonal variation but i find it can be a bit trebley
the p bass has a fatter neck which is only really a benifit if you have big hands or thats just your thing and has a more punchy tone
personally i'd go with the jazz but a very good compramise is the mark hoppus sig its got a sexy jazz bass body, sd quater pound p bass pickup but it has a pa bass neck only downside
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i like both, but recently got an active jazz bass deluxe which blows them both out of the water. although the others have their own unique qualities, i love the punchynes of the pbass, it was hard to chose between the two
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Jazz FTW

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ive always prefered the neck of a jazz bass but i would go for a p-bass, they sound punchy and dynamic; jazz basses i find uninspiring and overrated, but that's just my opinion
both have their fine points. I currently own a Jazz and will be soon replacing the neck with a Precision neck, cuz I've got huge hands and the twig-necks on the Jazz basses force me to cramp up my hand. I just need to find a good neck on ebay; I would prefer a maple fingerboard but I guess rosewood would also be fine.
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Nahhh, P-Bass FTW, the thump you get from the P is awesome, i also love the neck more than a jazz bass' (which is also very good)
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P-Basses have a 1.625" nut width (and some reissues even have a 1.75" nut width) while J-Basses have a 1.5" nut width. P-Basses are traditionally 'the' rock bass. Listen to Pink Floyd, and The Who (before Quadrophenia). For a good example of what a J-Bass sounds like, listen to Led Zeppelin (anything before Presence).

J-Basses have the nice distinction of having 2 pickups, so you can solo the bridge pickup (listen to Jaco Pastorius) or the neck pickup (which sounds enough like a Precision). When soloing the pickups, you DO get some hum.
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Actually it's more like a P-bass is a Boxer and a J bass is a Kung Fu master. Both are good but the Kung Fu master would clearly win. Because it can do more things. Same thing with a J bass.

but cant quite throw a punch like the boxer
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The J sounds more like an instrument than a drone like the P does

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