ive noticed that other players when bending, always bend upward. When im playing i always bend downward unless im on the high E string. Will this pose a problem later in my playing? SHould i continue doing what im doing or should i get in the habit of always bending upward?
My thing is that on the E-G strings, I bend towards the high E-string, and the other two I bend in the opposite direction. I haven't had a problem.
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its all your style. it dosent matter
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when i was starting to solo, i bended down because my fingers werent as strong. just keep practicing and youll fing that bending up gives you alot more speed and control once you're dtrong enough to master it
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but yeah its fine
bending down and bending up are equally cool. i bend up on light strings, and down on heavy ones.
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I was taught to bend down, except I dont on the High E. And I'm the worlds best guitarist.(yea right)
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ok thanks, im just gonna try to get into the habbit, so like you said i could have more control.
Albert King, one of the blues greats, bended downwards.

I bend downwards on E, A and D, I think most people do the same.
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