hi im playing on a classical/spanish guitar with steel acoustic strings. i just bought a seiko sat500 chromatic tuner and i cant figure out why it wont tune my guitar correctly. There arent any tuning tips or anything. Im confused on what note and key to be set? and ive had it on automatic. ive just been playing the open strings with a pick, and ill adjust them until the tuner says they are perfect, but no matter what the guitar comes out completely un tuned. when i meet with my friend we can tune mine off of his guitar and it sounds great and perfectly in tune. any ideas on what im doing wrong or what i should be doing differently? any help is appreciated thankyou :]
Set it to manual, and do each string one at a time.

When set in Manual Mode, press the "Note" button to choose each string.

Start with Number 1 String (the thinest) and work your way up.
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