Ive got a pod xt live and ive been trying and failing to create a really smooth, heavy punk distortion with really chunky palm mutes (for an example of what im looking for look at the chorus of "the small print" by muse)

Any line 6 users or anybody got any tips on how to acheive this tone?

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Try these settings out:

Drive - 8.5
Mids - 5
Bass - 6.5
Treble - 10

It should give you a punchy punk-rock sound, if not, then maybe lower the drive, and turn the mids up a bit more.
For my heavy sound using my XTL I use the Dual-Rect model combined with the Boss Metal-Zone distortion sim.

Also, try doing a search at:


There are thousands of user-created patches there that you can download directly to your PODXTL.
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Thanks a lot. Any one else got any suggestions?
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