This is pretty easy, all you have to do is think of the most powerful word, it can any word, whatever one that you feel is the most significant, that word will be pitted against so many others, the two with the lowest amount of votes get knocked off until there is only one left. If the season is already over when this starts, then the points will roll over to season 3.

The only ones that are off limits are: love, war, peace, and death.
The word also must contain at least three syllables.

Send me your word and then a deffinition in PM.

1.)Something Vague*
6.)#1 synth
7.)The Hurt Within

If you don't get me a word before competition starts, I'll find a word for you, and trust me, you don't want that to happen.

* = word has been sent.
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does anyone else thing matts a little baby and needs to grow up a little bit?

He used to be cool, I remember when I was a songwriting noob, and I critted his piece and told him it was like reading a pamphlet (still to this day it was the worst piece I've read from him), and he critted my piece and said there was no comparison to his, but not in a mean way or anything, and he still gave me some helpful advice. Lately he either ignored people who didn't like his work, or flamed 'em.