Hey. I Just found out that BB King is playing in Galveston this Friday. I live about an hour away in Houston, so i was thinking about going. Has anyone here ever been to one of his concerts? Are they any good for an 80 year old? Would it be worth the hour drive?

And do his shows sell out, because i dont know if i'd even be able to get tickets a few days in advance. (its only him playing, not a festival or anything).
Ive been, and ya they sell out. I was at his 80th birthday show with Kenny Wayne Sheperd. Rad show.
I went to the sheffield concert of his farewell uk tour and yeah he is still good. I mean he stays sat down and all cos bad legs etc. he is 80 tho so...
but his playing is still good. That was like an hour and a half from where i live. Then i went the same place in december to see status quo.
Worth the drive if you wanna see him before he retires completely. You'll prolly wish you had gone if you decide not to
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sure! i'd even drive 4 hours to see him.
too bad he'll never come to israel

I saw him here in the states, and it was pretty cool. He would stop during his songs and talk about how to keep your woman and make her happy then continue to play.
He was sitting down, but he never acted like he was 80.
Definately check it out, because it will sell out.
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Just found out he's playing Calgary in May...can't wait!
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ahhh if only BB king could drop one B i would love him and his hamburgers
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The question is 'Why WOULDNT you see BB King?'
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