I'm pretty new to guitar, only had mine about 6 months but I'm loving it and progressing quite nicely. I've developed a major problem though, my fingers are a friggin mess.

I get eczema so they're prone to getting itchy and stuff but the guitar has really set them off, they look like the hands of a zombie, all red and peeling.. they sometimes get so bad that they bleed too. I'm barely keeping it under control with creams and stuff, if I use creams and dont play a week or so (which is hard!) it goes away.. then give it a days playing and it'll come right back. It does seem to have gotten a bit worse since I restrung my guitar with new strings (D'Adarrios).

It's getting pretty annoying. Does anyone have any experience with this? I don't want to have to stop playing because my fingers are so messed up.

i've never heard of this before (the playing situation anyways), but that's very unfortunate man, i'm real sorry, i don't know what i'd do with myself if i couldn't play music anymore...i hope ur situation gets better
Hmm... Maybe this is why the back of my hands feel like lizards.... I dunno its not on my fingers though, only on the back.
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maybe its the chemical on the new strings thats keeps them from rusting
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I also have eczema, and have had it since I was born. I'm now 21, and easily have it under control. The most important thing for me, is to use a moisturising handwash instead of soap, and to generally be really careful what my hands come into contact with.. I can deal with the rest of my body breaking. As long as I keep my fingers from getting dry, they wont crack when I play the guitar. Also, the moisturising will build a barrier on your fingers to protect against mank like string coatings etc.. obviously dont grease up your fretboard though! Put some on.. wait awhile.. then wash your hands, then play or something.

Seriously though.. see your doctor about your diet. You may have a load of allergies that you aren't aware of. I know that dairy products are my achilles heel. If you really want to play, and have sore fingertips, try putting a plaster (band aid? ) around them. You'll keep the wounds together, stop them cracking further, and still have grip.. it makes your playing sloppy for a bit, but at least you can still play.

Oh, and most importantly.. DO NOT GIVE UP!

And another point.. DO NOT GIVE UP!