Is it worth it? Its about 10 years old. The white finish has turned a bit yellow-ish. The pickups work pretty good and it could probably use a re-wiring job. But the neck is straight and smooth as glass.

Do you think its worth it?
I would say so but then again i LOVE relic'd strats.
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Buy it if you have cash if everything looks good i would do it. Hell, if i had the money right now i would try to buy it.
if i trusted the seller, liked the bridge, heard it play, i would buy it.
imo, that's not exactly a bunch of money or a huge risk.

if uve got the money then sure it's worth it.

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MIJs are great, though you find yourself replacing the pickups and tuners if they aren't good.
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Even if it needs electronics work, it's worth it. That's a great deal on an MIJ. They're tough to come by.
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MIJ strats are beautiful. I also love relic'd strats. The aged white/yellow colour is sooo good on vintaged instruments.

I'm assuming its fender. but some of the copies are decent and above par.

If the neck is great than I think you should go for it.

Then again you're the luthier, you'd know more than me. You work with/build guitars for a living. I make pizza haha
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Cool. Thanks for the input guys. I really wanted to be sure that this would be worth it to buy. I dont mind doing some work to it but my first thought seeing it priced for $230 was "I wonder about the overall quality." So I'll probably get it. I know the guy and he will hold it for me so its not too much of a big deal.
Hell yea.
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