I am currently working on master of puppets solo. I have bout 80% in the bag. I was quite surprised on how complex this solo actually is to play! For those who can play it, what are your thoughts?
Its fun as hell to play along with the CD. But not the hardest solo that I've learned. Any metal fan should learn this solo.
most of the stuff is just fast and when u slow it down, it makes more sense and it just seems like patterns played at a fast tempo. then it's just a matter of memorizing and practice. hope that helps
Back in the day it was hard... Especially those first licks.... BUt once i started actually practicing properly it became easy.....
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It's a hell of a lot easier than I thought it'd be when I first tried learning it, and I thought, "What?! This solo is so short and typical, why all the hype?!"

Nevertheless, I've still yet to learn it...
^ lol.
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At the part towards the end, where the picking gets fast, you can double pick the notes and still have the same effect, if you get what I mean. Kirk's very sloppy.
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It is a pretty easy solo, the only part people tend to screw up on is the first part with the stretching.
the slow part i got easy by ear, i do find the hard part trickier to play tho

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