hi there, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. my question is regarding this bandmaster. it was given to me like 5 years ago and surprisingly its in really good shape. only problem is, the tubes are bad. I've had it for all these years and never bothered to fix it. is this a good amp or is it really not even worth wasting the money to fix it? I pretty much know nothing about amps so any info would be appreciated.

the model number on the head says "ab763". I'm not sure what model number for the speaker cabinet is, its pretty damn big but its only a 2x12 configuration
Deffenatly worth it! Bandmasters are great. And 2x12 is a nice config!
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It sucks. Sell it to me for $10.

Actually, dude, you have one fantastic amp there! Don't skimp on the tubes, put something nice in there and you'll have one of the best sounding amps you've ever heard. Take it to a competent tech and get it checked out right. I'm jealous. The heads alone on those 40+ year old amps are still selling for over $450 on eBay. They don't make 'em like that anymore. I like the new Fender products, but they don't compare to yours.
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Bandmasters are really nice amps, you lucky dog. Goto a tech and have him set your amp up.
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