Hey everyone

Could you guys give me a few suggestions on a new axe, Prefferably with a trem (but a decent one, with enough travel to compensate for my low tuning C standard) I mainly play Death Metal but do use an incredible amount of cleans, a guitar that feels solid and uses decent materials, probably a Mahogany body or somthing a little brighter but nothing that sounds thin/brittle.

I have max £550 to spend, I don't need to have a trem but I would like to use it a bit on a few of the songs I'm working on.

Thanks for the suggestions
You could get yourself a gorgeous Schecter from SoundControl for £550. They're owned by ESP, generally just amazing guitars, and horribly overlooked. SoundControl are the only people in the UK who stock Schecters, so you'd have to go through them. I recently bought a Schecter Tempest Custom from them for £399, and I've not regretted it for one second.. especially once I had moved my EMG set (81/60) into it. http://www.schecterguitars.com/spec.asp?id=140 that bad boy would get my blood flowing, in either red or black. I don't know the price of the FR version, but the string-through is £449, and I wouldn't expect the floyd rose to cost an extra £100+. For more pics, go here and look at the top model http://www.carlinoguitars.com/schecterguitars2.html . Body to die for, mahogany with maple cap, binding, awesome inlays, active EMG set, light as hell, and ****ing amazing upper fret access. Check it out. I know that the neck and fretboard on mine eat Children of Bodom and In Flames for breakfast.