I need some new inspiration and where to look for the cool fingerstyle songs.
something in the line of Classical gas or anything Tommy Emmanuel or something.

If you play fingerstyle, please post your favorite song to play

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Nothing Else Matters and Stairway to Heaven pretty much....
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"These Days", by Nico (off the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, its the song when Margot is getting off the bus), and "Girl from the north country" by Bob Dylan, the version on Freewheelin' are probably my two favorites. Right when I started I tried to play the Nico song, and it took a year to get it decently since it was one of the first songs I tried to learn.

EDIT: I almost forgot, I do a pretty decent fingerstyle version of "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas.
road trippin' - red hot chili peppers
Blackbird - Paul McCartney/Beatles
Rondo Alla Turka is by far the funnest fingerstyle piece to play

When I read the thread title I thought you meant you wanted us to post our own songs...
If you can get hold of it,

Elevation Music - Don Ross.

Hey Hey By Big Bill Broonzy. Or the Eric Clapton version. It's just so damn fun to play! I could seriously sit there and play the song the whole day if I had that kind of time.

It's a technically simple song and you won't spend too much time learning it I don't think. You might have to listen to the song and play along at first to get the rythym right, as I did. This song is so damn good I just can't get over it!

Edit: Big Bill Broonzy was quite the fingerstyle bluesman, if you are interested in blues you should check out his stuff.
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Stuff like

Streets Of London - Ralph McTell
Dry Bone Rag - Ralph McTell (Originally Blind Blake)
The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel
Classical Gas - Tommy Emmanuel
Mombasa - Tommy Emmanuel
So Clear - John Renbourn/Pentangle
Jack Fig - Leo Kottke (really need to play this again - I've almost forgotten how to!)

LOADS of the stuff I play is fingerpicking, and I really won't post it all (can't even think of all the stuff I play off the top of my head). Look into some fingerpicking blues, such as things like Clapton's Unplugged session, John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, Bert Jansch etc etc.
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hmmm cant believe it hasnt been mentioned yet,,, "Dust in the wind" by kansas, tears in heaven (clapton) . a little more modern rock: down in a hole (AIC), Right here (staind), Broken (seether) Release (pearl Jam)
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I've been working on a fingerstyle version of Whiter Shade of Pale (working on as in playing; I didn't arrange it).
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The Trees - Rush
Dissonance is Bliss

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