ok what doies it take to play live in front of and audience? its it a push over or is it real hard do your fingers lock up or anything ive always wantd to play live so i was wondering the band is still getting set up
ive played in front of my primary school ( im in high school now) a few times and was cool about it, and ive done three gigs in the last year with my band, its not too hard ive always played fine but i dont move around much , i get nervous but you get better the more you play live
I used to perform 3 times a week in an Agency over here in England,
All we did was covers, but still,
It's nerve-racking for your first time obv. but you'll be fine

Just think about yourself and the music, not about the audience.
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Depends how comfortable you are with your own skills. If you are fairly good, you'll do fine. If you are not very good, or are very nervous, the crowd will be able to tell.
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Normally Im a very competent performer. If I know the stuff inside out Im fine. My breaking point is when other band members get nervous, which in turn makes me nervouse because I fear they will mess up causing me to mess up so I get very paranoid.

The only thing I can advise is have faith in your skills and just get up on that stage and play!
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I've played on stage more than I care to think about... and I can say it varies from person to person. Perosonally I don't reallly get nervous, I'm fine... I'm not always the most lively person on stage, unless I'm doing lead vox and no instrument... where I find it's a lot easier to open up.