Ive been playing electric guitar for a couple of years now and have recently decided to take up classical. Im am in the process of restringing a classical guitar that i have aquired. This is probably a stupid quiestion but ill ask anyway. I bought some royal classics strings today and the one end of the low e string the coils arnt as tight making able to bend more. I was wondering whether this side of the string is supposed to be attached to the bridge or the headstock? Thanks in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
If I'm getting this right, one end of the string is coming unwound? In that case, that end should go to the headstock, because you'll trim that end off anyway once it's in tune. If you put it on the bridge end, it might continue to unwind with play.
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If it's flimsy, it goes to the bridge side, so that you can do the little tie with it.
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Yeah you have to tie it a certian way, google it.
You can get ones with bullet ends so you don't have to tie them, when I had my classical I bought normal ones and tied them because they were cheaper
I see you're not getting any accurate replies. That end tends to be less wound and 'flimsy', if you may call it. Hence people tend to tie it around the bridge. But don't do so. The tension will cause the thinner section to cut through your bridge. In other words, don't even use that section, put it through the headstock end and cut it away.
And many luthiers have mentioned the negative effects of that section wearing through the bridge. =)
Frank Ford(the guy who wrote that article) is pretty much one of the most respected luthiers amoung luthiers going around.
I don't think it's going to make difference either way with bridge wear.
the side that is loose ties around the bridge. classical guitars are fun, but a hassle to string up. if you don't know how to tie the knots, i'm sure you can find something on google somewhere.
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I've changed the strings on my classical only once (two months ago when I bought it) and I did it like on that guide. Today the A string popped off the bridge while it was laying on my bed. I guess my knot wasn't tight enough.