hey folks,
i recently bought a 2nd hand Korg pedal the AX1000g, but it has started to give a rather annoying buzz. it would buzz for a 20sec and then be quiet for like 5-10sec and then it would start buzzing again for a half minute. Since there are no local dealers where i live who want do open this thing and take a look, i've been playing with the idea of opening it myself, but i thought i'd get some advice first.

so my question is, what could be causing this buzz, what could i do about it and most important, would it be a good idea to try and fix it myself?

thanx for all comments
my guess is that its not the pedal but in fact its the lead your using, if the lead is one of low quality it can giv you a bussing sound, either that or its the amp, i had a 30 watt kustom amp and i got the buzzing all the time, but when i bought a fender fm 212 combo 100 watt amop, one that is of much better quality the noise totally went, anyway it may not be eithert opf these, but thats what my problem was

hope its helped

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thx for the reply, but it really is my pedal. when i play directly into my amp everything is great, no noise at all. and if i plug in my headphones in the pedal headphones output, i get the buzz too, so it really is the pedal.

Off course i *could* buy noise suppressors, new pedals, etc, but i the whole thing was that i don't want to spend any more money than strictly needed.

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