I currently have this setup :

Amp > NS-2 > guitar
> tuner > MT2 > CFH Wah

however the wah isn't very vocal when the MT2 is on.
what would be the best way to set up ?

Also, when I use my Amp distortion along with the MT-2 it sounds amazing ( removes all the dodgy fizz ), I usually have the MT-2 on for rythmn and add the amp dist for lead, but thinking about using the amp dist for rythmn and adding MT-2 for lead, but its not loud enough.. will I need to get a GE-7 or similar to boost for leads ?

cheers guys.
put the wah between the mt2 and teh amp
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I have the wah in the NS-2 send - return part along with the MT2.,
shall I just move the wah out of the NS-2 send-return so it goes Amp > Wah > NS-2
This is How I'd do it ...

Amp > NS-2 > Tuner* > MT-2 > Wah

*Not really sure.
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