Since the word busking doesn't seem to be universally recognised, I thought it might be worth having another go at this... hope someone uses it because I think it could be pretty useful.

Basically, it's for tips on playing music in the street, suggestions for popular songs which one person can play or sing, questions about local laws and what licenses you need, that sort of thing.
I'll start things off with a tip some people overlook (but usually only once) - watch out for people who try and nick the hat! That's hard earned money in there.

Personally, I'm looking for some really obvious busker songs, like Wonderwall (overplayed, but still popular), Yesterday or All Along The Watchtower - any suggestions?
Violent Femmes. They started as a busking band.
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Any Bob Dylan is usually good. I don't think there are any laws in South Africa concerning it, as long as it's not private property or anything.

Damien Rice is a possibility too.
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dress up middle age style get a lute and play that classicly song, can't remeber what its called

Try some stuff like:

Nothing Else Matters
Stairway To heaven (See Foos cover, that would work great busking)

Ballady stuff.
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Some relaxed rock or general stuff from the 60s. Old people are richer than young people, never forget that.

Also, this guy in my town who looks exactly like Jimi Hendrix gets loads of money (but he does look like a clone of jimi)
anyone know about busking laws in the UK ? i wouldnt mind giving it ago seeing as i have a portable amp, some spare time, and can play guitar.

Also any ideas how much you might get ?
Yeah me and my friend are planning on doing that, we haven't really discussed songs yet but I think Twist and shout, Nothing else Matters, Johnny B Goode, Purple Haze, Wonderwall stuff would do great! Not too hard but yet catchy and recognizeable!