Poll: Do unicorns poo?
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Yes, they poo normal poo, just like normal horses.
36 23%
No, they're too magical and too beautiful to poo.
38 24%
Yes, but it's magical poo in the shape of Alex's head.
83 53%
Voters: 157.
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So as I was driving tonight, I began to ponder a rather troubling question.

Do unicorns poo?

I find it absolutely impossible to believe. Unicorns cannot possibly poo, it just doesn't work like that.
My girlfriend, however, disputed the matter. "Well then what happens to it?"
I explained to her that unicorns are magical, so they cannot poo. They don't even have bum holes. Because they're unicorns, the food they eat just magically disappears so they don't need to poo.

And look at them!

How can something like that POSSIBLY poo? They're just too cute and fuzzelly.

Although, after some debate I came up with the conclusion that perhaps unicorns DO poo. Though it's not the conventional poo that we're all used to. I found a picture that fit with my theory of what unicorn poo must look like.

'cause like... it's magical and all. And because unicorns are so beautiful and cute. So they can't possibly poo normal poo, they would have to poo something beautiful and magical as well. Like Alex.

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here is a lesson to all u kids out there

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I'm no poo...

EDIT: vote alex. =)
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Wow...everyone's editing alex into photos today.

And yes, unicorns poo. I'm sorry, but they do.
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Im gonna go take a poo to think about it.
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Sorry to break it to ya bud, but unicorns aren't real.

Leperchauns on the other hand...
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Leperchauns on the other hand...

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Of course it's poo in the shape of alex's head.

Because we know that thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Faqu clan made a deal with unicorns, that they would never live upon their hallowed grounds. But one member broke the deal, and the unicorns turned evil and feasted upon the bodies of the Faqu clan. And because of this, they still poo alex poo to this very day.

Every kid knows that.
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they poo alex's head, of course.

cause unicorns are sexy, like alex.

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Omg... I gotta watch that movie
Of course they poo, but it is turqoise, made of toothpicks and tastes like a tangerine covered in dehydrated ketchup
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they poo flowers
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it looks like alex, cos unicorns are awesome, so therefore the poo must also be
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Of course I voted for Alex, I ain't no square

Thats just what I was thinking...

EDIT: it won't quote properly...
I personally think it ruins the illusion.
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Ofcourse unicorns don't poo! They're way too cute to poo. It is not cute too poo!
Yes, they have magical poo, and if you smear it your face, you get magical powahs
Well, this picture of Alex sure beats Frenchies pictures. I think I'm still scarred after clicking that links
*goes to commit suicide*
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Jagstag if you're going to use your Hebrew at leat spell Alex corectly....

It's אלכס with aכ not ק, got it? God damn Isrealis, always ****ing up Russian names.
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It's magical poo. But it isn't shaped like Alex - it's shaped like the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Some see it as divine intervention, while others see it as a coincidence. There's much debate about it to this day.
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Ofcourse unicorns don't poo! They're way too cute to poo. It is not cute too poo!

Hey, even hot girls poop.
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Hey, even hot girls poop.

Yeah but the poop is pink and it smells like roses.
<Omri> I love trannys too..
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Yeah but the poop is pink and it smells like roses.

Obviously. I mean, why would they have regular feces like everyone else?
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Well...If girls don't poo, then I don't see how unicorns could possibly do it!

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