I need to do a solo performance for my music gcse and I need help finding a piece.
I need a piece thats chordal and has a solo for a piece with minimal acompaniment of about a grade three standard.
Any ideas for me ?

Thanks in advance
Acoustic Layla??
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Green Day - Minority
Has the picking in the intro and outro, chords in the verses and power chords in the chorus. Might not be what you're looking for, but I did a Less Than Jake song for mine and that's the same sort of thing and I got 100%

And a midi file for backing is easy to get hold of.
When you find your song, get someone with Guitar Pro to export the other parts as a midi file, it can be accepted as a backing track.

As for the song, I'm not really sure. I find I don't play well on songs I don't like, so what kind of stuff are you into?
I did Journeyman by Iron Maiden for my first solo assesment. Its most of it is chords but it doesn't have a solo. For the britpop section I did wonderwall by Oasis
im doin music gcse and im doin under the bridge - red hots, doing aeroplane with a mate for his bass and maybe johnny b goode, they all rock, plus they have great guitar or bass parts
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Acoustic Layla??

Bingo. Although, the solo interludes are trickey to play on an acoustic for grade 3 standard. I just played a grade 3 exam piece, it's just a lot less hassle!
Use the Rockschool Books they are easy and will get you the grade u want
hmm try to play something like steady as she goes (the raconteurs) its relatively easy and sounds good.