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I'm from Brighton, UK.

EDIT: If anybody knows a good rehearsal studio near here pm me plz.
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I'm from Virginia, in the US.
Cory is a girl's name too.

aim me at corysmash196
Bangalore, India
the garden city
the pensioner's paradise
the I.T. capital of the country
"Physics is like sex. Sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it." - Richard Feynman

PS:If anyone is from around here plz pm me..!!!I want to jam with UGers!!!!!
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Texas, USA
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bubbaearl...Man that is...THE SICKEST NAME EVER!!!

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bubbaearl... apparently it's the sickest name ever

Are you over 30?
Probably not, but if you are, click HERE.
Nothern Ireland...but after careful consideration, I'm thinking of moving to either;

i. Malaysia.
ii. India.
iii. New Zealand (and not USA).
iv. Germany.
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

rosh pinna- Israel.....i know...
guy-get an ak-47 shoot him and blame it on his dog
man-he dont have one... can someone siriously help me?!
guy-just jack one froma local pet store. throw it in his yard. shoot him. duck tape the ak-14 to the dogs paw. run.. use gloves.
I'm from Denmark.
But if you want my life story I was born in Scotland.
Nicolle. Me. Got it?
MAssachusetts, USA
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

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Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

Near Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.

I was born in Virginia, USA, but I have lived all over the US (Virginia, North Carolina, Wyoming, Texas and Alaska).
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ak guitarist doesn't dress in the morning. he kills throughout the day and attires himself appropriately

Kong Kong
¤´¨留話 請留話 請在我說完後
¸.•´¸.•´¨¸.•¤¨哭泣我不在這裡 我不在那裡請在嗶一聲之後留
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´(´¸.•¤´`¤下自己的秘密請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾自喜請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣

我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡¤




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united kingdom

a bolton supporter hopefully? I was from bolton but i live in devon now.
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I'm from Brighton, UK.

EDIT: If anybody knows a good rehearsal studio near here pm me plz.

Woo, another Brightonion! You've obviously just made this thread to meet the woman of your dreams on UG but... i'm no woman.

Still, good studios... i often go to "Scream studios" it's not exactly cheap for one person. But spread over a few guys you'll end up spending £6-7 for 3-4 hours. Depending if it's peak time or not.

What type of music do you play?
Belfast - Northern Ireland

Away in a manger no crib for a bed the little lord jesus lay down his sweet head the stars in the bright sky looked down where HEALY HEALY HEALY!!!
(ps probably on british people will get that)
Marietta, Georgia, United States of America.

Metro Atlanta for people who don't know the states well.
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