I was thinking of building one of these, as it says beginner, and I would like a pedal that lets me do this:

Guitar>-------------[DIY PEDAL]-----------PEDALBOARD-------AMP

If it would be easier/cheaper, I could leave the led part out (mentioned in the .pdf).

BTW, I want to know how much this would cost, including the price of all the neccessary equipment like soldering iron, solder, wires etc.

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Ok, looking at the parts list, I think this should be fairly cheap. http://www.tonepad.com/getFile.asp?id=107 Theres the parts list and schematic.

I should be able to pick up a soldering iron and base for less than £10 right? And If I'm leaving out the led part, I don't need the resistor, the leds, the led mounts, dc jack or battery snap. Can someone explain the remaining parts to me? How do I know what type of stereo jack to get etc?

As you can see, this is my first build.
The TU-2 is supposedly really bad about "sucking tone" and a lot of people use them in the arrangement he described. If you're not using an LED you just need a mono jack, not a stereo. So, you'll need the box, three mono jacks, and a single pole, double throw switch.
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Methinks you mean a double pole, double throw switch. You'll want to short the unused output to ground instead of leaving it hanging wide open. Can't do that with an SPDT switch.

The wiring for a DPDT switch should look something like this:

Other than that it's as ljplum12 said - three mono jacks and an enclosure.
Also note that there are several types of DPDT switches; you'll want an ON-ON switch. Other possibilities are ON-OFF-ON which have an additional middle position where everything is unconnected, and ON-(ON) which is a momentary (or unlatching) switch, ie. it springs back to the first position when you let it go.
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yeah, 3 mono jacks would be right. I think that you want what's in the above diagram, where on it will short the signal to the board and send it to the tuner, and off the tuner will be taken out and the pedalboard will be recieving signal.
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