I actually have a question on the most accurate tab I seemed to have find:

In the solo it seems to be tabbed out in E minor, but if you listen to the song it seems like Jimmy goes up a half step to solo in F minor? I'm almost positive this is what he does but it's driving me crazy for three reasons:

1)It's not tabbed like that and the tab seems right
2)Why change key
3)Thirdly, that would be 100 times harder to play with out the pull offs onto the open G

Anyone who can offer insight to this would be awesome, thanks.
Try this on!
I hope it gonna help ya.
For other solo part,you know what?
There's a lot of wrong tab in the net.
Change the chords and scales every where you feel it's going to make the song closer to the original playing.
well according to: 2 Concert DVDs, the Led Zeppelin Early Days Tab Book, and a Guitar World magezine with thet tab for it. he does not move up to F.

..yeah, i like Zeppelin..
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Thanks guys, but listen to the song. In the tab which seems right it says the first note of the solo is A, the 2nd fret on the G string. But when you listen to the song he's definately starting out on the B flat aka the 3rd fret on the G string. That's the part that is just blowing my mind.
Ok, so apparently my friend had tuned down my guitar a half step, on top of that had my tuner set to down a half step so when I looked to check it everything seemed normal. Problem solved though, thanks guys.