The guitars are flawless, nice transition from electric to acoustic. Seriously, it sounds brilliant. I didn't really like the vocals, but I'm a guitarist, so they don't matter too much to me.

Very nice work.
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Vocals start off very bad. But you brought em down to decent. They're a little over the top I think. You try too hard and it pushes them out of key. The guitars sound good. I would say relax the voice a little bit. Concentrate more on hitting the notes than pushing them.
the singing is not that great, but i like the guitar a lot. the only thing i would suggest is taht u make it more your own cause it sounds exactly like the real version
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Starts off awesome. I love the panning and also how you changed the strumming a tadd. The singing isn't as bad as everyone says but it can be improved. Instrumentaly for the most part perfect though and a nice tone. Work on what everyone else said (when you did the loud imo it sounded good).

good jobbb <33
Wow the guitars sound awesome. I almost like this more than the actual song, minus the vocals. I actually think the vocals are quite good its just the quality that takes away from them. Also I don't really like the echoy effect on the vocals in the first verse. It just makes them sound too muffled. I think you have a good voice though its just not presented well with the quality. Very good job though.

crit mine?
awesome cover man, the guitars were great, the vocals were little shakey at first but really came together nicely