i have real trouble slapping on D, not popping, i dont know why but i just cant get a clear note and i always end up hitting A and i get a horible muted thump noise.

can you actualy slap on D? i know its not very common but for songs like "all around the world"?

any pointers you guys could give me? thnx

edit: ive been playing for about a year and a half and using slap for a few months, im getting better but is it just practise and time i need?
the slapping in around the world is one the e string (if in fact your reffering to the rhcp song)
but to help , try to make the slap in a more downward motion
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I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure most people slap on E and A not D, and they pop D and G. That's what i've heard anyway. I don't slap D only pop it but each to their own i suppose.
I have a friend, he's a total slap bass elitist - he's a nice enough guy but show him a pick and he's all 'BACK BEAST BACK!!!! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!!' Most irritating. He slaps the D string alot, it sounds horrible. It could be the way your bass is set up, it could be that the D string is just not meant for slapping. With my bass, it does sound appalling so yeah. Go for it, but if it sounds nasty, don't do it, that's my advice.
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You can slap on any string you want and for some songs slappin on D sounds pretty damn good. Try to mute your A string and just practice until you get it. Any good slapping takes a lot of practice.
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This is why I liek really thick strings for slapping. The slap soudns alot better on the E and A string and you can actually do a halfway decent slap on the D string.

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Around the World doesn't have any pop or slap in it...
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Around the World doesn't have any pop or slap in it...

I tend to slap the open E's during the intro.

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It can be done. i admit, its a bit of a pain sometimes to pull off, but you just have to practice it.
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I always slap the D in Can't Stop....I find that as long as the other strings are muted right, it sounds fine.

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^ I would reccomend not arguing with Dan about Around the World he's got some knowledge in the subject as history has shown (and now he has super mod powers so...)

And slapping the D string is really somewhat pointless but if there is a time you really need to do it you really have to whip your thumb down hard and quickly backj up to get a decent soound. And as for hitting the A string practice your accuracy and always keep your thumb parralell to the string.
I have always slapped D strings...

Double thump 5 chords up and down D and G ...

nothing wrong with it hear...