Hey, I'm going to build this: http://www.tonepad.com/getFile.asp?id=107

Although I'm going to leave out the led bit, so this will be passive. Here's what I think I need:

Soldering Iron
Stereo Jack
Mono Jack X2
DPDT Footswitch
Casing (The N89bq, 111x60x27mm)

are those the right components? Is that all I need? Do I wire these to each other, or to a pcb board or something?
If your using any components like resistors etc in any build, if you dont use PCB you can always use perfboard/ matrixboard


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Yep, that's all you need, but the stereo jack can be replaced with a mono if it saves you money. You don't need perfboard/pcb for this, just solder it together as it is in the diagram.
Thanks. Here is the diagram originally with the led, dc jack, battery snap etc.

Could somebody edit that in paint to show what it would look like without the led, dc jack, battery snap, and a dpdt instead of the 3dpt, because I'm not quite sure how to wire this.
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You need 3 mono jacks, that's it.
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