Ok, i don't have any pedals yet but am going to by some soon, theres just a question regarding how you can control them....

Imagine this scenario; playing with a reverb pedal and a distortion pedal......

If i'm playing clean with a lot of reverb and want to suddenly add distortion would i be able to lessen the amount of reverb at the same time as the adding of the distortion,

is this possible? do i need some other type of controller? am i just being a stupidhead?
it's hard to actually change the level of something while you play, unless you have two reverb pedals
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get a reverb pedal instead of using the amps reverb.
you would have to turn it off once you go into distortion, or you could buy two; one for distorted channel and one for clean channel reverb.
its probably not a very efficient idea...
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not with stomp boxes, you would need a processor for that.
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You'd have to be using a reverb that can be controlled with an expression pedal. Heel position would result in no reverb and as you move towards the toe position the amount of reverbs increases. As for distortion, just use your guitars volume knob.
umm...u can have some reverb on ur amp (amount u use during distortion) and then add the rest u want for ur cleans with a reverb pedal, that way u can just step on both pedals to go from a lot of reverbededed cleans to distortion with some reverb.
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Footswitch to the dirty channel while simultaneously stomping the reverb pedal off. That's how i do it with my recently acquired holy grail.
Cheers.....some good ideas....

more questions;

whats a processor? can you connect an expression pedal to any reverb pedal?
I suppose you could use an A/B box and have the disortion on one and the reverb on another, so when you switch to the channel with the distortion the reverb would be bypassed.... i think that might work but I dont know much about these things
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Cheers.....some good ideas....

more questions;

whats a processor? can you connect an expression pedal to any reverb pedal?

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