I've never noticed the text color options.It's Lemon Chiffon!Ok.I'm doing some early looking for my first half-stack.Right now i'm playing an Ibanez RG-T42DX through a Peavey Audition 110 with a GNX 4.The peavey is actually pretty loud and can keep up with drums,but probably couldn't handle the smallest of gigs...I play everything from Jazz to Death Metal to Yngwie to Pagannini.(Well,maybe Yngwie to Pagannini isn't much of a stretch)Mainly though, for my own performing interests...I like Alexei Laiho's tone,so something that's good for METAL.I have the GNX, so I don't want built in effects,I don't really want to lug around a tube but will if I have to.Add from any price range.
The new Marshall JVM, it's suppost to be one of the most versitile Marshalls yet.
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Yeh, go on the Marshall site and theres a video of it (Marshall Theatre). Its amazing I can easily pick amps for other people, but can I pick my own, noooo. lol
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