Hi all. I got my first electric guitar about 3 years ago. Its a black Kay guitar. It doesnt really have a model name, I havnt seen it at guitar center, and the pickups are going bad I think. It has an awsome tone before the pickups started crapping out on me. (It sounded very similar to a stratocaster). Anyways, I will soon have some more money to purchase new gear. My rig pedal/effects wise is awsome, but not so my guitar. Anyways, Ill have about $250 - $300 to spend. I like BC Rich, Fender, and Ibanez a lot. What are your guy's opinions and experiances so I dont get a guitar that will crap outon me. Thanks.
yeah, unless you can find a used high end bc rich, or a used fender, ibanezis your best bet
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You won't gte a decent guitar for $250-$300, save at least $800.
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i wouldnt bother with a fender... but you could get a fairly decent ibanez, jackson or an esp. These are are good for hard rock/heavy metal.
A mid range ibanez RG or a Jackson JS30 (js30dk - dinky has a trem) would be my choice.
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save another $100 and you can get a fender SSS or HSS strat
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You won't gte a decent guitar for $250-$300, save at least $800.

Shut the fuck up. That's a load of shit and you know it.

What kind of amp do you have TS?
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Yeah, I was more leaning twords Ibanez or fender, but fenders are expensive and BC rich's are too "distracting" for me. Thats why I like stratocaster looking guitars. Thanks for the imput guys. As for an amp timi_hendrix, I have a small peavy one I got when I first guitar. It isnt the best but its okay for home playing.